Business Licenses & Permits


Please read carefully. The Town of Jonesboro has updated occupational licenses and fees for beginning in 2018. New rates will likely effect your business. Resourcs are available below to help you better understand these changes.

Apply or Renew

To apply, complete the application below and return it to the Town of Jonesboro. For new businesses, please estimate your first-year gross receipts.

Renewals are sent to each business at the first of the year. Renewals must include previous year gross receipts to determine the license fee. RENEWALS ARE DUE BEFORE MARCH 1.

To submit your completed and signed application, you can: 

  1. Mail: You may mail it to us at: Town of Jonesboro, Business Licenses and Permits, c/o Alfreida Bell, P.O. Box 610, Jonesboro, LA 71251.
  2. Fax: You may fax it to us at: 318-259-4177 ATTN: Alfreida Bell, Business Licenses and Permits.
  3. Email: You may email it to us at:

Should you have any questions, or to verify receipt of your application or renewal, please contact Alfredia Bell at Town Hall by phone at 318-259-2385 or by email at

Additional resources available below:

  • Business Type List - use this sheet to determine which tax table your business operates under or how to calculate your tax if your business does not fit a table.
  • Tax Tables - use this reference to determine the tax amount due, based on gross receipts for most businesses.
  • Chain Store Tax Table - use this reference to determine Chain Store Taxes. (If you are not a part of a chain or group, this does not apply to you.)
  • Definitions, Deductions, Minimums and Maximums, and Exemptions - use this reference to determine definitions, deductions, and exemptions. This reference also statutory references.
  • Miscellaneous Documents - Mayor Bradford's letter to businesses about these 2018 changes; Ordinance 795, which repealed any previous caps; Meeting Minutes for the Public Hearing on Ordinance 795